15:49 – The President ends his speech saying Zanu PF is already preparing for celebrations after winning the July 30 elections. 

15:42 – “Land barons beware, I saw there are a lot of land barons from a report that I have received,” ED.

15:38 – The President says his government has already started implementing infrastructure development programmes, singling out the Harare – Mutare highway, which he said is being dualised.

15:37 – “Kana Mwari vangapupura kuti munyika munerunyararo. Tinavo vashoma vasina mweya worunyararo isu kuZanu PF tinoparidza runyararo. We are too big to get worried about these small parties, they can make noise in the press but munyika havana chavo. Musi wa30 July ndopavachaziva kuti nyika ndeyani.”

15:34 –  ED: “We want hard working Zimbabweans and people should be rewarded for hard work.”

15:23 – The President speaks on the command agriculture programmes saying they are the panacea to perennial droughts in the country.

15:18 – Cde Mnangagwa speaks of his visit to China, describing it as highly successful. “Hapana chataida chatisina kupiwa neChina.”

15:14 – “For us to prosper we should leverage on what every province has for development in that region. Mash West has everything in place for development. We talking about devolution so that provinces fail on their own,” ED.

15:12 – The President says the new dispensation’s thrust is engagement and re-engagement for a win-win business partnership.

15:07 – “MaG40 achaita sembeu yakakandwa muminzwa, vacharamba vachingobaiwa isu veZanu-PF tichingotonga,” says ED.

15:05- President Mnangagwa says his government is committed to constitutionalism, hence the elections set for 30 July. “Maelections ndiwo anoita kuti tiwane masimba matsva, ndokusaka tinemaelections. Kwete kuti masimba angaenda kumwe, nadha! Masimba ndeedu, ticharamba tichingotonga, vanopikisa zvavo asi vachingotongeka.”

15:00 – The President now talks business, saying he has invited captains of the industry so they they guide the government on policies that can improve the business climate so as to attract investment and create jobs. 

14:53 – He adds that ‘indeed we are building a new Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwe without looking down upon each other, a Zimbabwe without selfishness.’

14:52 – He says he is in Mashonaland West for two reasons, first to remind the people that ahead of the July 30 elections, ‘we must unite for a new Zimbabwe.’

14:50 – He adds that power in the party is derived from the people, hence the need to honour the membership of the party.

14:49 – Cde Mnangagwa slams the personalisation of the party, saying Zanu PF cannot be put in one’s pocket. 

“Ukafunga kuti Zanu Pf inokwana muhomwe, unoita savaya Dherira vakafunga kuti inokwana muhomwe or mudhuku vakazoisiya.”

14:48 – The President recounts the 1966 Chinhoyi Battle where seven gallant fighters fired the first shots, signalling of start of the Second Chimurenga, adding that Mashonaland West Province witnessed the birth of the revolution, which the people should be proud of. 

14:47 – The President it is now time to move ahead, recounting the good things of the past and forgetting the bad. 

14:45 – After recounting the abuse and hate speech he was subjected to during the last days of the old dispensation last year, Cde Mnangagwa said it is now time to rebuild a peaceful and prosperous nation.  

14:41 – It’s now time for the keynote address and President Mnangagwa takes to the podium.

President Mnangagwa dancing to Jah Prayzah’s Kutonga Kwaro beat.

14:28 – The Vice President calls upon all party candidates in the province to come forward so that they can be introduced to the people.

14:21 – VP Chiwenga says the President has held several ministerial positions in independent Zimbabwe and has always delivered, even building houses for chiefs while being the Minister of the lowly regarded Ministry of Rural and Social Amenities. 

14:20 – “President Mnangagwa oversaw the integration of the ZIPRA, ZANLA and Rhodesian Forces at independence,” VP Chiwenga.

14:17 – Retired General Chiwenga clarifies that Cde Mnangagwa’s totem is Shumba and not Ngwena, saying he earned the latter name only for being part of the Crocodile gang, that was one of the first groups to tackle colonialism head on. 

14:13 – The VP says Cde Mnangagwa later joined ZAPU led by the late Zimbabwean Vice President Joshua Nkomo, upon the invitation of the late Willie Dzawanda Musarurwa in 1962.

14:07 – Retired General Chiwenga says after his family relocated to Zambia, Cde Mnangagwa was expelled from school in Zambia for political activism, before becoming Secretary for the Youth League of UNIP in 1961. UNIP is Zambia’s liberation party led by former Zambian President, Kenneth Kaunda.

Vice President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga

14:01 – The Vice President chronicles the history of President Mnangagwa from the time he was born in 1942 under Chief Mapanzure in Zvishavane.

13:59 – Vice President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga takes to the podium to introduce the guest of honour, President Mnangagwa and ask him to address the rally.

13:55 – Zanu PF National Political Commissar, Retired Lt. General Engelbert Rugeje introduces senior members of the party to the people.

13:48 – Ziyambi hails the prevailing peace in the new political dispensation and says the province is bullish ahead of the July 30 harmonised elections.

13:46 – After an opening prayer and a traditional ritual by chiefs, Hungwe calls on Zanu PF Mashonaland West Provincial Chairperson, Ziyambi Ziyambi to welcome invited guests to the provincial star rally.

13:41 – Zanu PF Deputy National Political Commissar, Omega Hungwe is the MC.

13:37 – Proceedings begin with the singing of the National Anthem.

13:15 – The President arrives at the CUT grounds much to the jubilation of party supporters.

12:43 – Numbers continue to soar here.

12:03 – Thousands of Zanu PF supporters can’t wait to be addressed by the President in Chinhoyi.

11:54 – President Emmerson Mnangagwa arrives in Chinhoyi but currently attending a meeting with miners and farmers from Mashonaland West province before addressing a rally.

10:40 – President Emmerson Mnangagwa to address a Zanu PF star rally at the Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) grounds this afternoon.