Live Updates: Skilder Makona, Pictures: Janet Munyaka

1308: “I wish you all a productive and parliamentary session, God bless Zimbabwe, God bless you all, I thank you!” says the President as he concludes his speech.

1307: He urges youths to shun drug and substance abuse and misuse of ICTs as this will destroy the future and development of the country. “My administration is about you, you are the future, you are the great wall of our nation, read and be prosperous, read and implement what you would have learnt for the growth and development of Zimbabwe,” ED.

1306: President Mnangagwa says the government will soon establish huge financial platforms through the Empowerment Bank to support the youths with bankable solutions. He says government is set to establish at least one vocational training centre in every district which will offer skills development to school leavers who could not further their studies due to different reasons.

1305: “My government stands committed to ensure inclusive development of the youths in national issues. My administration is exploring strategies to enhance youth participation in the global economy. Every ministry has created a youth desk so that we ensure that the youths have better standards of living,” ED.

Dignitaries attending the 26th Junior Parliament 

1304: He urges youths to embrace the spirit of ubuntu, hunhu adding that government is rolling out programmes and policy interventions like the NAtional Youth Policy to address the concerns of the children for a better tomorrow. 

1303: “We do not only remember the young lost in the apartheid in South Africa but we also remember the lives of youths of Zimbabwe lost in the liberation struggle and in Nyadzonia. Young people have the potential to shape the future of the country. Today we commemorate the Day of the African Child under the theme, ‘Leave No Child Behind for Africa’s Development’,” ED

1302: The President challenges the August House to put in place programmes to enhance junior development for the growth of the country’s economy. He urges youths to shift horizons to learn broader national issues so that together we can towards the Zimbabwe we want, and be masters of our own destiny.

1301: He urges the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Culture to organise more constructive sessions like these for the betterment of the country adding that government remains committed to accelerating the growth and development of the country as well as youth empowerment.

1300: “I urge institutions of learning to inculcate skills in our youths for the development of our country. Do not shy away from taking studies in sciences and engineering as it is critical in the modernisation and technological advancements of our country. Subjects in the primary and secondary schools must be seen as a vehicle to answer the opportunities and challenges of the country. This will help to nurture the potential of young people to fit into all sectors of the economy,” ED.

Young soldiers marching to the City Sports Centre

1259: He says government has put in place deliberate programmes to invest in youths to unlock their potential so that Zimbabwe will be among the global giants.

1258: In line with the section of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the President says the government takes cognisance that the rights of youths are observed.

1257: “We have since put in place policies to enhance the rights of the youths. Zimbabwe is a signatory to a number of several treaties and conventions which deals with safeguarding the rights of youths and their development,” ED.

1256: He says young people of Zimbabwe have always been a priority to the government of the country since 1980. 

1255: President Mnangagwa urges youths to be part of the development agenda in the country. “I urge you to use this August platform to serve your communities to help build the Zimbabwe that we want, the Zimbabwe that you want,” ED.

1254: He starts by acknowledging the dignitaries and child parliamentarians.

Scenes at the City Sports Centre

1253: The President Cde emmerson mnangagwa takes to the podium to give his keynote address here at the City Sports Centre.