By Peacemaker Zano

The journey to election victory is not as easy as what the principals of the MDC Alliance would have the people believe.

The MDC Alliance has been holding rallies around the country, with a view to winning hearts and souls of the electorate ahead of this year’s election. Their rallies are being criticised by many people, as most of them are said to be packed with nothing meaningful save for the exaggerated speeches by that coalition’s presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa.

Most people who are following how the events are unfolding in that alliance can openly reveal that there has not been anything tangible that the leaders of that coalition has pledged to work on that can turn around the fortunes of the nation in the event that they win elections. Most of the messages from MDC Alliance principals are full of high sounding empty promises and hyperbolic claims such as construction of spaghetti roads and solving cash challenges with two weeks.

As a matter of fact, political party leaders should address issues of concern in their campaign trail rather than promising pointless farfetched plans devoid of reality.

Former MDC-T chairperson, Lovemore Moyo also hinted that the chances of winning the upcoming polls by MDC Alliance against its key rival, ZANU-PF are very slim since there are number of dissonance in that outfit.

Moyo claims that the discord within the structure and composition of that alliance is one of the many factors that will contribute to the election loss of that alliance. 

In its efforts to win the election, the MDC Alliance had been bussing its supporters from Harare to most of its rallies in the rural areas. Principals of MDC Alliance are quite cognisant that they have no support in rural areas, hence bussing people to inflate figures. However, Chamisa and allies should be reminded that people do not vote twice.

It’s actually a shame that at this point in time, Chamisa and his partners claim that they have grassroot support while in fact they will be referring to hired crowds. Talk of believing one’s propaganda.

A Zimbabwean entrepreneur and owner of the Newsday and The Zimbabwe Independent, Trevor Ncube recently exposed MDC Alliance leader, Chamisa for his immature political views. On his twitter handle, Ncube posted that, “I love @nelsochamisa (Chamisa) as a Christian brother. And the best he expects from me is the truth not physcophancy. So far he has not impressed me as a mature politician.”

Since the death of MDC-T founder, Morgan Tsvangirai, Chamisa has taken serious politics as a child plaything, which it is not and he will soon find out in the next few months how misguided he is, with an obvious defeat at the polls. His political bubble will soon be busted and reality will soon set in.

Remember, in 2014 and 2015, Chamisa spent most of his political life in the middle of nowhere after he heavily lost to Douglas Mwonzora at their party’s congress. As an immature leader, Chamisa failed to handle the split between the MDC-T party and Khupe. Surely, if Chamisa is failing to put his house in order and unite his party members, will he be able to lead this country without divisions.

The former MDC-T national chairman revealed that it was through Chamisa’s autocratic entry into MDC-T top leadership that forced him to resign from that party.

Quoted in a local daily press, Moyo said, “I met him for nearly two hours and I stood my ground and raised those issues that forced me to quit the MDC-T. I told him the way he assumed leadership was very undemocratic, unconstitutional and unprocedural…” 

With all these political challenges, weaknesses and hiccups haunting the MDC Alliance leader, winning an election becomes the last thing that Chamisa should ever wish. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent the views of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.