police arrest violence pepertrators.jpgPolice have arrested eight people in connection with some disturbances that occurred at the Gulf Complex in Harare, which saw some shops being destroyed and looted, forcing business to come to a halt at the centre.

Harare Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Andrew Sabau confirmed the latest arrests following the disturbances and said police are on high alert to thwart any form of violence.

An entrepreneurship youth grouping, Upfumi Kuvadiki, said it had organised a police sanctioned march from Fourth Street to Town House to air their disgruntlement to city fathers over the decision to award a South African Firm, Easi Park, a contract to park cars in the city all in contravention of the government’s indigenisation and empowerment policy.

However, the development seems to have been hijacked by suspected MDC-T supporters who took the opportunity to loot some shops.

Of interest is that, the youths seem to have targeted pro-Zanu PF known activists’ shops, leaving foreigners’ shops, a development that has raised questions on the motive behind their actions.

Daughter of the late national hero, Cde Elliot Manyika, Belinda, is part of the victims of the violent acts together with some Zanu PF Women’s League members.

“It was surprising how calculative the looting was towards members of Zanu PF,” she said.

The MDC-T party is known for its quest for violence with its peak being the call for a violent removal of the government in 2003 in a failed attempt which had been dubbed the ‘final push’.

Only last week, the MDC-T leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s plan to incite members of his party to stage an unsanctioned demonstration against the establishment was thwarted by the country’s security forces.