6000 cross border traders from Masvingo Province are set to benefit from government’s recently launched US$15 million traders fund.

The fund will be spread in all the country’s 10 provinces, with 6000 small to medium enterprises (SMEs) set to benefit from Masvingo alone.

President of the Cross Border Traders Association, Mr Killer Zivhu, who held a meeting with members of the association in Masvingo, said their focus will be to concentrate on exporting local goods as a means of ensuring that the country gets the much needed foreign currency.

“We have done the logistics already. What is left is the disbursement of the funds. We will be sending a team to Equatorial Guinea and South Sudan in the next few weeks. We want the traders to export local goods,” he said.

Those set to benefit from the fund applauded the government for investing in the SMEs sector and expressed optimism that business will thrive.

Most small to SMEs often have been failing to access loans from financial institutions as they have no collateral.