fertiliser 17.01.11.jpgIt was a season of double blessings for 60 farmers in Mutoko who, after receiving inputs under the President’s Well Wishers Input Support Programme, underwent training in conservation farming to boost their yields.


Conservation farming has been cited as critical in ensuring food security at household level especially in low rainfall areas.


Farmers in Mutoko under Chief Charehwa who were given additional inputs by a local business person in the area say over the years they had been farming but without proper education on the best farming methods to use and embraced the programme.

An AREX official who trained the farmers, Mr Joe Matambo, spoke about the need to equip farmers with the relevant knowledge on proper land utilisation.

Mr Douglas Mrewa, who assisted the farmers with the inputs, said as part of his social responsibility programme he decided to complement the President’s Well Wishers Inputs Support Programme by giving farmers inputs as the country’s economy is agriculture based.


60 households in Mutoko district under Chief Charehwa were each given 10 kgs of maize seed, 5 kgs of sorghum, 2 bags of compound fertilizer and 1 bag of top dressing fertilizer.