pirated cds 29.10.10.jpgPolice at Matapi Police Station in Mbare, Harare have arrested 6 people and recovered over 1 000 suspected pirated discs and equipment used in reproducing music for unlawful distribution.

In the latest raid aimed at curbing piracy, police at Matapi Station arrested 2 suspects on allegations of duplicating and re-producing CDs and DVDs and recovered 9 CPUs, 5 monitors, 7 printers and 2 duplicators.

Police say the equipment was found at the suspects homes in Mbare and Queensdale.

4 others were arrested on charges of selling pirated material which included local and international music and pornographic material.

Police spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau said police will continue to work on eradicating piracy in the country.


“We are not going to rest until piracy stops. It is a serious offence and we want to warn those in the practice,” said Inspector Sabau.

Members of the Mbare Chimurenga Choir, whose CDs were among those found in the accused persons’ collection said piracy is killing the artists.

“It is painful to spend a year writing and composing songs and the get nothing out of it, while others get rich out of your sweat,” one of them said.

“How can you sell a song on the President in the streets….we wanted to show how esteemed he is, but someone has the guts to sell such a song for only a dollar,” added another.

The suspects have already appeared at the magistrate’s court while the discs are likely to be destroyed.

Artists are advocating for stiffer penalties to be handed down to those who pirate their works.