accident3.jpgWhile most traffic accidents in the country have been recorded during the holidays especially the Easter, Heroes and Christmas periods, this week a record 52 people have so far lost their lives on the roads a few days before the Easter holidays. 




Monday the 29th of March this year was just an ordinary day with four days remaining before the Easter holidays. 


But before the day had passed, it had turned out to be Zimbabwe’s black Monday.


Thirty-one people had lost their lives on the country’s roads in three separate accidents in three provinces.


Nine people died in a commuter omnibus accident near Kwekwe, in Bindura 8 people were also killed when another commuter bus was involved in an accident while 14 people died in Honde Valley.


The following day one person died near Kuwadzana Extension at the same scene of the crash which took the lives of Sam Mtukudzi and Owen Chimhare.


While the nation was still in mourning, 12 more people were killed in two separate accidents in Masvingo and Murehwa while 8 other people died in separate accidents country-wide to bring the pre-holiday death toll to 52.


Such alarming fatalities on the country’s roads have left every traveler worried.


But the people say the problem lies with the kombi drivers whom they say are immature and end up unnecessarily speeding.

But the kombi drivers say the problem lie with their employers who set high targets for them coupled with traffic congestion and the bad state of the roads.


Others have also blamed the Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Council for being reactive instead of being pro-active.


 Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Council Director Mr. Proctor Utete confirmed that not much has been done but blamed the drivers whom he described as reckless.


Police have also been blamed for accepting bribes from the public thus compromising the safety of the people on the roads as some vehicles which are on the roads are not road-worthy. 


But ZRP National Traffic Spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome says the public should desist from offering bribes to the police and urged those who witness such cases to report them.


He said the police will be out in full force on the country’s major roads during the Easter holiday.

While the blame game shifts from one case to another, what is not under dispute is that the country can not tolerate such a high rate of fatalities especially when accidents can be avoided.


As the country marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ during this holiday, it should be bourne in mind that the Saviour’s blood was enough for the remission of our sins and no more blood should be shed.