Zimbabwe may have another academic record breaker in the making as a five year old whiz kid  at Widdicombe Primary School in Hatfield is exhibiting a rare intellectual capacity with an above average intelligence proportion.

The grade two student is following closely in the footsteps of Maud Chifamba who attained her first degree at the age of 18.

Having skipped from early child development (ECD) stage right into grade two, Tinotenda Manyemba of Epworth continues to mesmerize many.

Already he has mastered the art of reading and answering content that is far beyond his comprehension, outshining even his fellow older classmates.

At five Tinotenda can easily read books and he exhibits an extra ordinarily sharp memory.

Seating in a classroom, it is visibly noticeable that Tinotenda is the youngest having been born on February 14, 2012.

The mother says she noticed her son’s rare intellectual attributes at a tender age prompting her to enroll him early at the local school.

Tinotenda’s grade two teacher Mrs Agnes Tombe also concedes the boy has a big potential to even skip more grades soon.

The rare talent has attracted the attention of Epworth legislator Zalera Makari who says students like Tinotenda should be assisted to achieve his dreams.

Tinotenda was cleared by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to skip grades after conducting an assessment that showed his intelligence is unique.

Support for the little child is now what is required to assist the whiz-kid on his academic journey where he may very well present himself as the next Maud Chifamba who attained her first degree at the age of 18.