The case of five day old twin girls who were burnt to death in the nursery at Harare Hospital has once again brought the issue of patient safety and patient monitoring on the limelight.

On Tuesday, the 12th  of this month, mothers whose newly born babies are  admitted in the isolation ward section at Harare Hospital nursery, woke up to very disturbing news when a set of twins who had been put in an open basonnete to recover from jaundice were found burnt to death.

Information gathered by the ZBC News revealed that the mother of the twins Belinda Balalika of Kuwadzana discovered that her babies were no longer responsive when she went to the nursery just before midnight on Tuesday, when she wanted to breastfeed them.

Harare Hospital Chief Executive, Dr Ngoni Masuka confirmed the unfortunate incident and said the forensic post mortem carried out today has validated the cause of death to be dehydration and investigations are now underway.

Babies that are kept in the isolation ward after birth are usually premature babies prone to infection, babies delivered at home or babies with jaundice commonly known as yellow.

Sometimes the neonates will be placed in an apparatus known as an incubator which provides the newborn the environmental conditions needed to thrive while those with yellow are placed in an open basonnete and a beam of light is used to provide heating.

In the case of the twins it is not clear what exactly transpired that led to the infants to burn to death.

The breastfeeding mothers are allowed to watch over their babies during the day but at night they only come in to feed their babies.