air zim strike.jpgThe year 2011 has been described as the bad year for workers as over 4000 employees were retrenched due to downsizing taking place in many companies

Speaking to ZBC News, labour expert, Mr Memory Nguwi said 2011 was a challenging year for employees as more than 4000 workers were retrenched compared to 2800 the previous year.

He said some of the retrenched employees were not given their full exit packages while many others who kept their jobs did not receive their full salaries on time.

This led to numerous strikes as companies such as Air Zimbabwe, Blue Ribbon, ARDA Nijo, Harare City Council and Chitungwiza Town Council, among others failed to pay their employees in time.

Employees, who spoke to ZBC News, said government should step in to address these challenges as many families have been affected.

Zimbabwe is recovering from a decade long sanctions induced recession that saw the shrinking of formal economy and the loss of thousands of job.

While some firms are on the recovery part, many companies are however still facing viability challenges leading to the downsizing of staff.