Police have released the names of some of the victims of the Nyamakate King Lion bus disaster, which killed 43 people on Wednesday night and left over 30 others injured.

40 of the 43 deceased passengers in the Nyamakate bus disaster have so far been identified.

Relatives of the victims were still streaming in at Chinhoyi Hospital mortuary this Friday to collect the bodies of their loved ones.

18 of the 35 identified victims had their ages given, and these ranged between 25 to 46 years, with the majority being in their 30s.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba appealed to families who cannot account for their relatives’ whereabouts in the aftermath of the disaster to visit the Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital mortuary to try and help in identifying the remaining 3 bodies.

Meanwhile, two of the injured passengers who were admitted at the same hospital (Chinhoyi) have since been referred to Harare.

One was referred upon his own request, while the other was referred to seek specialist medical care as he was said to be showing signs of memory loss.

As of yesterday, 22 of the injured victims were admitted at Chinhoyi Hospital, while seven others were referred to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

The accident which has since been declared a state of disaster occurred on Wednesday night when a King Lion bus alleged to have been speeding rammed into a huge tree before overturning in the Nyamakate resettlement area.

List of identified bodies:

Jimson Ruzvidzo (M) 45, Brenda Chiota (F), Francis Chivaraidze (M), Carol Katanda (M), Nobert Tovere (M) 34, Marvellous Mukonowatsauka, Kachara Kudakwashe (M) 31, Matsaira Tokudzwa (M), Learnmore Nyakumbi (M), Chigumba Rakara Pisirai (F), Shorai Ngazviipe (M), Ruth Mala (F), Constance Gandanzara (F) 34, Tendai Mhakayakora (M) 39, Tomson Mupunga (M), Maggie Nzuma (F), Tendai Tengwende (F), Honest Mubayi (M), Noleen Chisoso (F), Rosemary Mazunga  (F), Costa Saimani (M), Patrick Nyika (M) 41, Contilda Chibanda (F) 45, Tendai Pedzisa Madungwe (M) 31, Fadzai Mushai (F) 46, Regina Karimupfumbi (F) 29, Lynmary Dzidwa (F) 25, Naomi Jimu (F) 35, Nyoni Sithembiso (F) 32, Kesiwe Dhliwayo (F) 32, Sinodia Mukotsi (F) 31, Ivy Chizengeya (F) 38, Mercy Jena (F) 26 and Emmenjilda Mabukwa (F) 38, Peter Ngombe (F), Mary Vumbunyu (F) 35 of 10159 Unit H, Seke Chitungwiza, Martha Temai (F) 26 of 28581 Unit  L, Seke, Rukina Muzawazi (F) 78 of 26421 Unit L, Seke and Atanazio Mwanza 45.