road rehabilitation 2 23-11-10.jpgThe Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has begun the disbursement of $33 million for road rehabilitation and maintenance amid reports that the whole programme will gobble up to $2 billion.

Most of the country’s major roads and highways are in a state of disrepair as they have outlived their 30 year lifespan.


ZINARA spokesperson Mr Augustine Moyo says since his organisation is not getting any resources from the fiscus they only have $33 million which is being disbursed as part of a broader programme to rehabilitate roads.

“We need a total of $2 billion to upgrade the roads to international standards.

“However this is hoping to be difficult as this year alone we are going to part with $33 million.

“This is quite a challenge that requires all stakeholder participation,” he said.

Government has introduced tolling points to raise funds for the rehabilitation of trunk roads though the fruits of the project are yet to be seen.

Since the launch of the tolling points in the country, motorists anticipated an improvement on the country’s highways but progress has been slow with the proposed dualisation of Harare-Masvingo highway still at its infancy while progress on the Harare-Bulawayo road is not convincing.

However, with the railways system still not operating at full capacity the country’s roads are more likely to be stressed further as heavy loads are being transported on a daily basis.