3188 youth officers have been reinstated to the civil service payroll following President Robert Mugabe’s directive to reverse the retrenchment, a cabinet minister has said.

The Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, Cde Patrick Zhuwawo said the Chairman of the Public Service Commission wrote to him advising him of the development.

He said they acknowledge that treasury is seized with a ballooning civil servant wage bill, hence as a ministry, they have come up with revenue generating initiatives at vocational training centers.

“The young men and women can contribute towards the development of the country if they get inputs from the Presidential Scheme and utilise land from vocational training centres,” said Cde Zhuwawo, adding that they have identified 37000 hectares of land to be utilised as demonstration units for on the spot training which will be coordinated by the youth officers instead of looking forward to taxes.

Meanwhile, the minister has distanced himself from claims that the youths have failed to pay back the $10 million they got through the National Youth Fund.

He added that the banks failed to do their job, hence betraying government.