As investigations on the looting continues, over 300 suspects have been nabbed while an assortment of products have also been recovered following orgies of violence and property destruction witnessed in Bulawayo earlier this week.

The ZBC News had an opportunity to see some of the suspects including the recovered loot from a number of police stations in the city.

The recovered products range from refrigerators, television sets, stoves, generators and an assortment of groceries.

Some of the loot was said to have been found buried in gardens while one had his plunder hidden in a coffin at an old warehouse.

Police Spokesperson in Bulawayo, Inspector Abednico Ncube said they are confident they will bring all the culprits to book as the public and those arrested have provided leads as to who looted what and where it is stored.

“We are on the ground investigating the looting and other related issues and to date 307 people have been arrested, while an assortment of products have been recovered and we are continuing with investigations and we are grateful the public has come up with information that has resulted in more arrests and recovery of looted property. We still need more information and the public must not hesitate to give us this information,” he said.

Inspector Ncube added that it is regrettable that the public brutally murdered a police officer who was stoned in Entumbane, while 30 officers were injured in the process.

“We are also calling on the Bulawayo community to be law abiding and stay away from violence. Right now, we are investigating murder of a police officer who was brutally killed by hooligans in Entumbane, while 30 police officers were injured as they tried to restrain the looters, so we must respect life,” he said.

He appealed to the Bulawayo community to remain peaceful in the aftermath of the barbaric looting, saying the police will continue to maintain peace and order and will not tolerate anybody who wants to disturb tranquility in the country.