The government has released $2 million for the construction of Marovanyati dam in Buhera district.

The construction stopped in 2014 and after the government availed the $2 million owed to Xiang Chiang, the contractor is now back on site, working round the clock to expedite the process.

When the ZBC News visited the site, all the heavy machinery which had been grounded for more than two years were back at the site.

Workers were busy transporting various construction material to the dam site, with the bulk of the workforce concentrating on the dam spill way.

Chief Makumbe said the government should now focus on completing the project to ensure that the Buhera community derives the intended economic benefits.

“Marovanyati dam is key in driving industrial growth and expansion of the district, and ensuring of food security,” Buhera West legislator, Cde Oliver Mandipaka.

Other community leaders weighed in, saying the construction of Marovanyati dam had taken more than 17 years, highlighting that once completed, the dam will become the spring board for development in Buhera district.

Once completed, Marovanyati Dam will create a green belt with 12 000 hectares of land earmarked for irrigation to end perennial food shortages.