murder in mabvuku.pngIn a suspected case of murder, a 29 year-old Ruwa man, Elvis Hlandara was found dead along the Harare-Mutare highway near NOCZIM just after Mabvuku turn-off.


Uncle to the late, Mr Lovemore Sigauke who was at the scene said they suspect that Elvis might have hitched a ride in a private car to go home and got murdered along the way.

The police have made numerous calls to the public to use public transport following a spate of cases where commuters have either been robbed or raped after being picked up by private cars.

Meanwhile, although a report was made to the police around 10am, while the ZBC News crew arrived at the scene several hours later and found the body still lying unattended to.

murdered elvis family.png
The late response by the ZRP and other departments to remove the body from the scene has been questioned.

Personnel from the Forensic Department were still on the scene doing their routines while an ambulance from a private funeral parlour was on standby to ferry the body, more than 10 hours after the police report.

Observers have lamented the poor level of preparedness in the country’s emergency and called on stakeholders to ensure the rehabilitation of this essential service in order to save lives.