A Lusaka bound haulage truck carrying 28 tonnes of sugar caught fire soon after driving past the Mana Pools turn off in Chirundu.

The fire started off at the rear part of the truck, the trailer, forcing the driver and his assistant to disembark and try and extinguish the inferno in the animal infested area around 1am.

It called for brevity but either way, they had no choice, for if they had remained tucked in the vehicle for fear of dangerous animals, they could have been burnt all the same.

An assistant to the driver said they disembarked in the middle of the night and tried to put out the fire but the two extinguishers they had ran out of dry carbon and had to stand helplessly and watch their sugar burn.

This was the fate of two men who had to put up some brave faces to salvage what they could after their sugar loaded truck went up in smoke 20km before Chirundu.

They, however, managed to disengage the horse and drove it into safety, a process that took them an hour.

Upon day time, some members of the Chirundu community had to rush to the scene and helped themselves to the sugar.