Government has commissioned the 27 kilometre Bindura-Shamva road built at an estimated cost of $28 million.

The Bindura-Shamva road has been commissioned in a development set to improve business between the two areas.

“The ministry is aware of the importance of this road as it links the provincial capital to the gold mining area,” said the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Dr Joram Gumbo.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development is also constructing the Ruya-Mukumbura road, Shamva-Nyagande road, Jumbo road and Domboshava-Bindura road in the province.

“There is roads construction all over the province and we are pleased with this development,” he said.

Planning for the Bindura-Shamva road began in 1980 while construction started in 1999 but completion was late due to funding constraints.