Production of tobacco in the 2018/19 season is set to treble as government has increased the tobacco funding package from $24 million to US$78 million.

Early distribution of tobacco inputs has already been set in motion with farmers accessing them through the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB).

A successful 2018 tobacco season has spurred government into an overdrive to adequately prepare farmers for next season. 

Farmers who spoke to the ZBC News after receiving their inputs expressed gratitude towards the sincerity of government to increase productivity.

They say this will allow for early preparations which will ultimately enhance the quality and output of the golden leaf in the 2019 season.

Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union President Mr Wonder Chabikwa noted the improved package has excited many farmers and projections of increased productivity levels of tobacco are already being felt, adding that this will positively impact on foreign currency generation capacity as the country relies heavily on receipts from tobacco.

The intervention, through the RBZ tobacco facility will help the farmers on planning purposes to bring efficiency and effectiveness in the industry.

Land preparation is now underway amid hopes of an increased hectarage to be put under tobacco.