The Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) will present the 2018 manufacturing survey findings next week with hints of a positive shift in capacity utilisation levels for the period under review.

Traditionally, the manufacturing sector survey report is presented between October and November but it had to be deferred to this year owing to the period that preoccupied business activity during the election period.

Ahead of the presentation, the expectation was for a positive improvement in capacity utilisation on the 2017 figure of 45.1 percent to at least 48 percent.

CZI CEO, Mr Clifford Sileya exclusively revealed to this news crew that results for the period under review, which captures the 12 months from September 2017 to August 2018 show a positive outlook reflective of the environment for the period under review.

Investment by local firms towards increasing capacity in 2018 is among the factors that informed the survey findings, according to the industrial body.

The expected improvement in capacity utilisation for the period under review is still below the 50 percent mark which translates to high costs per unit.

“These are issues that can be circumvented through addressing the issues that have weighed capacity performance such as foreign currency shortages and costs on raw materials,” an economist, Mr Zacks Murerwa said.

Other processes that the industry noted have to be expedited to support local industrial growth is the finalisation of the one stop investment centre which would be critical in buttressing the open economy thrust.