The Minister of Health and Child Care Dr David Parirenyatwa says the country’s health delivery system needs an annual budget of over $1 billion and the current allocations of $486 million for 2018 is a far cry for the health needs of the nation.

The country’s public health care system is faced with funding challenges and shortages of specialist doctors and facilities with patients needing these services being forced to mobilise thousands of dollars to get treatment in other countries like South Africa and India,  an issue that is impacting negatively on the national economy.

Following the presentation of the 2018 national budget where the Ministry of Health and Child Care was allocated $486 million, Dr Parirenyatwa said there is need for a higher allocation of resources to the ministry.

Dr Parirenyatwa further stated that the country’s overdependence on donor resources for its health care is not tenable.

The Health Minister said his ministry is in the process of establishing an independent management system for the medical aid facilities in the country which have been abused in the past yet members are not getting value for their money.