The Tobacco Research Board (TRB) has made tremendous progress to phase out the use of ozone depleting chemicals such as methylebromide used in tobacco seedlings production.

The phasing out of the chemical is in compliance with the Montreal Protocol of 1992.  

The national ozone steering committee this Wednesday went on a fact finding mission at Kutsaga Research Station to assess progress made by the TRB in phasing out the use of methylebromide in tobacco seedling production.

The team led by project manager George Chaumba says Zimbabwe is on track towards accomplishing the phasing out of ozone depleting chemicals.

To speed up the process Kutsaga Research Station management has acquired state of-the-art equipment which produces float trays as a safe greener alternative method for the dangerous chemicals used in tobacco seedlings.

Methylebromide is a chemical which has over the years been used by farmers and the TRB for fumigation in tobacco seedlings.

However, the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol of 1992 mandated countries which ratified the United Nations principle among them Zimbabwe to completely phase out the use of the chemical by 2015.