The bloated and beleaguered Zimbabwe national women’s football league officially ended today with an announcement that next year only 16 teams will constitute the league.

The news emerged following resolutions of the executive committee and the 21 affiliated clubs at a crucial indaba held at the ZIFA Village in Mt Hampden today.

Only 14 of the 21 clubs affiliated to the league attended the “clear the air talks” indaba at ZIFA Village while Zimbabwe Women’s Soccer League (WSL) executive committee was led by chairperson Rosemary Kanonge.

High on the agenda was the issue of the constitution, affiliation fees, suspension of clubs and club executives, funding and rules and regulations governing the game.

Clubs set up a committee to go through the draft constitution to be registered with ZIFA by the 16th of this month.

An affiliate of ZIFA, the women’s league does not have its own ratified constitution a major cause for concern for the clubs as the game is being governed using the ZIFA one.

Kanonge acknowledged the meeting was long overdue adding that both parties had covered ground and agreed to serve the interests of the girl child.

Representatives of the 21 clubs pleaded with the league to lift the suspension of several clubs and their executives members suspended after going on match boycotts in protest over their grievances which they said were not being attended to.

Club representatives were also happy with the no-holds-barred meeting and expressed optimism of reaching a way forward for the sake of the girl child.

Besides the reduction of teams to only 16 the issue of affiliation fees will also be decided on.

Women’s football returned this year after a four year absence with what was supposed to be a united national league hand-picked from across the country and bankrolled by the football mother body, but divisions emerged with the league halfway through.

The row had threatened to end the blotted women’s 22 team league to end prematurely as some clubs and officials were suspended halfway through the season.