Sporting bodies have been encouraged to take advantage of sport science if they are to reap maximum outputs from athletes.

Sport has evolved from mere talent to incorporate the use of scientifically based training methods for enhanced performance.

Sport science has proved a pivotal instrument towards the enhancement of performance through various means like physiological, psychological, nutritional, bio-mechanics and performance analysis.

Despite the availability of a facility that offers the services at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Zimbabwe is still lagging behind in incorporating sport science, something that Mxolisi Ndlovu from the department believes results in poor methods being implemented by coaches in their training regimes.

It has been noted that the country can achieve more podium performances even at international stages if the practice of sport science can be taken as a priority.

Only a handful of clubs have been said to have taken advantage of the facility at some point and these include Highlanders, Bulawayo Chiefs, Tuskers, FC Platinum and Aces Youth Academy but consistency has been lacking.