Rampant deforestation by illegal settlers and people engaging in sand mining and brick making has increased the siltation levels of Bangazani dam that is the sole supplier of water to Chipinge town.

Human beings should take care of their environment  so that they could live a better life but the story of Bangazani dam, illegal activities speak otherwise as perpetrators seem not to be apologetic  for silting the dam which is the main source of water for Chipinge town.

Instead of being protected and guarded jealously  the only dam that supplies Chipinge town with water, illegal activities that include sand abstraction and brick making  at the source of Budzi catchment area is a cause of concern says Budzi sub-catchment area representative Zaphania Dhliwayo.

He said the invasion of the catchment is drying up the source of water while gullies created are resulting in siltation of the dam making the constant supply of water from the dam becoming uncertain.

Zimbabwe Forestry Commission district officer Krasport Karimanzira said the illegal activities and rampant cutting down of trees along water ways and streams feeding into Bangazani dam are sad stories.

Safeguarding of Bangazani dam from activities that increase chances of siltation is critical especially in view of the continued growth of Chipinge town that translate to more water usage.