Consultations on the Electoral Act and Insolvency Act amendment bills are underway, with the Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Parliamentary Portfolio Committee moving around the country to gather the views of the public on the two proposed laws.

The Electoral Act Amendment Bill primarily seeks to give legal effect to the new electoral reforms, particularly the adoption of the biometric voter registration (BVR) system which will replace the old voters’ roll which did not capture an individual’s features like finger prints.

The amendments have to be instituted as soon as possible.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs acting chairman Cde Lawrence Katsiru explained that the ongoing BVR registration has to be governed by the proposed law.

Members of the public hailed the proposed changes, saying they will provide enjoyment of political rights and rid the voters’ roll of ghost voters.

They also indicated their desire to see political parties getting equal measure of television coverage and to have election results announced at most 24 hours after completion of vote counting.

Turning to the Insolvency Act Amendment Aill, the committee explained that the proposed changes to the law seek to provide solutions to issues related to bankruptcy and to safeguard heavily indebted companies from total collapse and in the process ensure investors’ monies are protected.

Once amended, the law will also compel parties to disputes to resolve them within a short period to avoid prejudice to either party.