14 phenomenal women were honoured at the Zimbabwe Women Roar Awards ceremony held in the capital yesterday evening.

Zimbabwean women are known for their dreams, aspirations and visions, a reality inspite of cultural barriers, economic constraints and societal prejudices.

In a bid to acknowledge and celebrate millions of Zimbabwean women who are remarkable and have influenced society in a number of ways raising the flag high for Zimbabwean women, the Zimbabwe Women Roar Organisation honoured 14 of them with various prizes and awards.

These women impacted positively in a number of ways in society.

Those who were lucky enough and honoured to receive the awards said they are excited to be part of those women who are making positive change in society.

Founder of Zimbabwe Women Roar, Josephine Kanengoni said the awards acknowledge the tenacity, power and achievements of Zimbabwean women.

Zimbabwean women continue with their beauty, passion and determination showing the world that the country will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and retain its full glory.