Glen View-Mufakose district has commemorated the Africa Day of School Feeding at Mukurumbira Primary School in Mufakose Harare.

Those present spoke highly of the programme saying a health body helps increase reasoning capacity of children.

Although there has been a remarkable improvement in feeding of school children in the district, emphasis should be on the need to work together as teachers and parents in making sure the children are well fed, said Glen View-Mufakose district schools inspector Mr Cloud Nyambuya.

School feeding has many demonstrable advantages, but it has its greatest impact among learners who receive sufficient nutrition to allow them to concentrate on school tasks while developing into healthy adults added Mr Christopher Kateera provincial education director for Harare Province.

Receiving a nutrient rich meal will not only improve children’s health, well-being and attendance, it also reduces the stress on guardians and families who are poor.