Constant medical check-ups and provision of protective clothing are essential for people living with albinism.

Most of them however cannot afford these necessities and this puts them in a difficult predicament.

Children living with albinism at the Capota school for the blind in Masvingo are however getting free medical check-ups on a yearly basis from a specialist dermatologist who visits the school.

Individuals living with albinism are susceptible to skin diseases and cancer resulting from exposure to the sun. 

Wearing protective clothing and using sun screen lotions assists to reduce the chances of getting the skin diseases, but most of the people living with albinism, particularly those in disadvantaged communities cannot afford these basics.

A specialist dermatologist, Dr Donald Mtangadura, who provides free medical check-ups and treatment for children living with albinism at Capota school, said it is crucial to ensure that once cancer cells start appearing, they are treated before they spread.

Capota school head, Mr Simbarashe Manjere said another challenge faced by the children living with albinism at the school is lack of sun and reading glasses.

This results in the children struggling to read.

Apart from the medical check-ups and treatment, Dr Mtangadura also brought sun screen lotions and other basics for the children at Capota.
Mimosa mining company partnered with the dermatologist in acquiring the products. 

The company’s Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Mr Robson Kabike said this is their way of giving back to the community.

Currently, Capota school has an enrolment of 60 children living with albinism.