With prices of poultry feed continuing to sky-rocket farmers are now turning to alternative feeds that are cheap with a Gwenhoro poultry farmer Ms Matilda Manhambo raising red worms to feed her poultry.

In the last few months, prices of poultry feed skyrocketed moving beyond the reach of many farmers, posing a serious threat to the survival of the poultry industry.

One of the few poultry farmers in the province in Gwenhoro Ms Manhambo said she discovered new cheap methods of growing red worms which are protein rich and affordable as a way of reducing the burden of buying high cost feed.

“Besides saving money through feeding chickens with red worms they also make animal feeds and organic manure,” said Manhambo.

Waste products they produce at the farm are then used to feed their worms which also help in reducing the waste into compost.

Farmers are now adopting this new technology of using earthworms to improve production on the farm.

The red worms take one month to mature but have a life span of two years.