A Bulawayo man was sentenced to 32 years for armed robbery, car hijacking and assault.

Regional magistrate Joseph Mabeza sentenced Dominic Tichaona Tichavangana (37) on three counts of robbery and one account of escaping custody.

He stole cellphones, cash worth US$3 500 and hijacked three cars.

According to state prosecutor Mr Tinashe Dzipe, Tichavangana stole vehicles in company of his two friends, one was sentenced to 50 years imprisonment and the other is still on the run.

On the first count Tichavangana in company of his friend hired a car and requested to be dropped at the city centre.

Along the way he strangled the car driver and they dragged him into the bush were they stripped off his clothes, stole his cash, gadget, his car and left him naked.

On the second count Tichavangana did the same act as in the first count by hiring a taxi and demanded to be dropped off at an unknown destination.

The robber ordered the driver to disembark and went into a bush were they tied the victim onto a tree using his car seat belts and drove off with his car.

On the third account Tichavangana pointed a pistol at Moriah Guest Lodge manager Robson Maxwell Senzawayo and robbed him of his money, cellphone and they left him locked inside the company’s toilet.

On the last account Tichavangana was arrested at Inyathi after receiving a tip off from local residents and he uncuffed himself and escaped whilst in police custody.

After a follow up, Tichavangana was later on arrested thus leading to his appearance in court before Mabeza.

He is set to appear in court for other hijackings in Rusape and Harare.