The District Development Fund (DDF) has embarked on a fast track road and bridge rehabilitation programme in Chipinge ahead of the rain season, with Nyunga Bridge scheduled to be completed by December.

Last year’s rains swept away a number of bridges and damaged roads making movement difficult hence intervention measures by DDF to attend to impassible roads in Chipinge and bridges.

Nyunga Bridge linking irrigation schemes in the Middle Sabi area to Birchenough Bridge is one of the major bridge construction projects in Chipinge West being undertaken following cases of goods and cars being swept away with people drowning while attempting to cross to the other end.

The construction of the bridge has brought joy to villagers whose economic and social activities were being affected.

Chipinge DDF coordinator Isaac Sundawo says his department targets to complete the construction of Nyunga Bridge together with a number of other construction and rehabilitation work by December.

Chipinge road network however needs urgent attention with the Tanganda-Checheche road that links Chipinge town and Checheche Growth Point being one of the worst roads in the district.