The anticipated wheat bumper harvest is under threat from the rains which have started falling and affecting the cereal crop in various parts of the country. 

The rains being experienced in most parts of the country have triggered a hive of activity at farms as some farmers take advantage of the wet spell to till their land and plant their summer crops.

However, for most farmers who ventured in wheat production, it is a sad story as they are racing against time to salvage their cereal crop which is under threat from the wet spell that have engulfed the country.

The critical shortage of combine harvesters remains a headache for most farmers who now fear to lose the bulk of their good yields to the rains.

ZBC News caught up with the Chairman of Chibvuti Farmers Cooperative, Cde Phinias Makari who appealed to the government to urgently intervene and assist farmers to save the wheat crop.

The country is expecting a bumper wheat harvest of about 200 000 tonnes as compared to estimated 60 000 tonnes achieved in the previous years, a move likely to marginally cut the import bill.