The 2017-2018 Presidential Well-wishers Input Scheme has been launched in Mashonaland Central Province, amid indications that more than 100 000 tonnes of maize seed having been delivered so far.

The launch of the input scheme in Chiweshe at bare business centre has coincided with the onset of rains across the province.

Nationally, the Presidential Input Scheme is expected to benefit 1,8 million households as government seeks to promote food security at household level.

Launching the scheme, Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs Minister, Advocate Martin Dinha said there is need for proper distribution of inputs to ensure a productive agricultural season.

Under the scheme, each household will get a 10 kilogramme bag of maize seed, 50 kilogramme bag of fertiliser and a 20 kilogramme bag of soya bean seed.

Mashonaland Central Province has so far received 1195 tonnes of maize seed, 812 tonnes soya been seed, 4418 tonnes of Compound D fertiliser and 1458 tonnes of top dressing fertiliser under the Presidential Well-wishers Input Scheme for this agricultural season.