barack_obama.jpgFormer US president Barack Obama yesterday turned up for jury duty at a Chicago courthouse, but was dismissed by the judge without being called on to serve.

Crowds thronged the Daley Center Municipal Building to catch a glimpse of the 44th US president, who has a home in the Illinois city.

Mr Obama left his home in the morning and left at around midday.

Each potential juror receives a US$17.20 cheque from the county.

Mr Obama had previously been summoned in 2010, during his first four-year term as US president, but he managed to get a postponement from the court.

His excuse at the time was that he had a previously scheduled meeting with the president of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

In 2015, former president George W Bush was called to jury duty in Dallas, Texas.

After posing for photos with other jurors, he was also dismissed.

In 2013, Bill Clinton was also dismissed from serving on a New York City jury hearing a gang shooting case.