Is it about a special name for the task of goalkeeping or it is mere coincidence?

The 2017 Castle Lager Premier Soccer League (PSL) season has presented this big question as the name Sibanda seem defined specifically for goalkeeping.

As the castle lager PSL draws to an end the only thing that has characterised most teams is the name Sibanda which has seen 5 goalkeepers sharing the same surname.

Bulawayo City has Ndodana Sibanda, How Mine Future Sibanda, Ariel Sibanda for Highlanders, Edmore Sibanda Caps United and Elton Sibanda goalminding for relegated Bantu Rovers.

This phenomenon is too glaring to ignore and many people are at odds as to what motivated this trend in the 2017 premiership season.

Add this to the list of in-field players named Sibanda littered around teams in the top flight league and one is forgiven to conclude the football DNA is indeed the bedrock for the Sibanda family tree.

Their fortunes might be varying as others are headed for relegation while others head for remarkable finishing.

It’s a truth that will influence most coaches going forward whose hearts will certainly melt at the mere mention of being a Sibanda and a goalkeeper for that matter.

One might wonder what this Sibanda surname has got to do with goalkeepers especially this 2017 season.