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Sports science key to development

Sports science exercise and fitness are emerging as critical areas in the growth of the sports industry and a certified UEFA B fitness trainer Glynn Nyamayauta reckons Zimbabwe need to embrace modern trends.

Nyamayauta is among the country’s qualified personnel in the area of sports science and physical fitness after majoring in strength and conditioning at Leipzig University in Germany where he attained a postgraduate qualification. 

After his German experience, Nyamayauta feels a lot needs to be done in the area of sports science if our sport is to develop.

Nyamayauta said his German experience was an eye opener as he was exposed to modern approaches in the world of sports science after spending a fair amount of time with German Bundesliga outfit RB Leipzig.

Fans often place priority to end results with little focus placed on the quality of work put behind the scenes in preparing athletes for events.

Given the ever changing trends, Zimbabwe is faced with a challenge of adapting to modern methods in the scientific world of sport.