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New A1 permits to provide security of tenure

Government has embarked on an exercise to issue A1 permits to resettled farmers, a new development which will enable all land beneficiaries to safeguard their allocated land for life.

The Ministry of Land and Rural Resettlement has intensified land mapping and data collection exercises for production of farm layouts and new A1 permits.

Five teams are on the ground and with funds permitting 22 teams will be dispatched to all provinces to carry out the exercise which will see resettled farmers being registered to get new permits.

Apart from protecting and allowing the farmers to invest with confidence, it provides security tenure and addresses the issue of inheritance and boundary disputes as compared to ordinary offer letters said the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement, Dr Douglas Mombeshora.

It is against this background that all A1 farmers are required to be in possession of their A1 temporary offer letters and copies of IDs on the day their farm will be visited. 

So far, the first batch of 1 000 A1 permits is being processed and will be ready for distribution to the beneficiaries soon.