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Wheat harvesting begins in middle Sabi

Wheat farmers with the first crop in the middle Sabi area have started harvesting with most of them targeting to produce four tonnes per hectares.

Middle Sabi area is known for producing premium wheat quality in the country with the start of harvesting having high interest from millers and bakeries as they want to tap into about 4 000 tonnes to be produced in the area. 

Farmer Cde Enock Porusingazi whose wheat farm was the first to be harvested starting on the 2nd of October said he expect four tonnes per hectare after having lost 20 percent of production to quelea birds.

He said harvesting is expected to be completed by beginning of November as his combine harvester which services the area has capacity to harvest 40 to 50 hectares per day.

Wheat farming that was last conducted more than seven years ago in the area due to a number of challenges that include quelea birds was revived after government introduced command agriculture programme.

The problem of quelea birds is however still affecting those who planted late with efforts to provide air craft spraying services hitting a brick wall due to a standoff with a local sugar cane farmer.