Day: October 3, 2017

Quelea birds: Middle Sabi wheat under threat

Over 700 hectares of late planted wheat crop in the middle Sabi area continues to be threatened by quelea birds following a standoff between farmers and a local sugar cane farmer over aerial spraying of the birds’ breeding and resisting places. Following calls for assistance by wheat farmers in the area to control the quelea birds, the Grain Millers Association intervened by hiring a plane to provide air spraying services bringing hope to farmers with a late crop. However, hopes of a bumper wheat harvest continue to fade away after a stand-off with a local sugar cane farmer saw him block the move to spray his sugar cane fields that offer fertile breeding spaces for the quelea birds, saying he fears the chemicals might affect his canes. Middle Sabi Farmers’Association Chairperson, Skumbuzo Tonhlana said the sad development that has seen an aeroplane staying for two days at the fields without spraying has left wheat farmers in quandary with many now considering not to grow the crop next season. Wheat farmers in the Middle Sabi area with an early crop have already lost 20 percent of their production while those with a late crop hoped the harvest would increase following control measures being adopted on the quelea...

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Govt slams recent violence

The government says it is concerned by violent protests perpetuated by opposition affiliated organisations. In a statement, the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Dr Christopher Mushohwe said while the law allows public expression, the same law is against public violence and the disturbance of peace in the country. Dr Mushohwe said those responsible for sponsoring demonstrations should ensure that authorised demonstrations keep within the confines of the law. “In any event, the demonstrations must be well founded, something quite hard to understand in respect of the mayhem that was unleashed last week on society by opposition elements,”he...

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‘Unique’ Zim tourism destination hailed

Over 50 international travel and tourism buyers are in the resort town of Victoria Falls to explore the tourism market as part of the post Sanganai/Hlanganani World Tourism Expo activities. The buyers described Zimbabwe as a hidden gem and have implored the country to leverage on its biodiversity and prioritise the regional market to enhance the growth of the sector. The travel and tourism buyers drawn from countries such as the UK, USA, Japan and South Africa also said Zimbabwe is a unique destination, highlighting the need for the country to harness the tourism sector as a tool for...

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Zim tourism targets China, Russia, SA markets

Zimbabwe is targeting China, Russia and South Africa tourism markets with the hope of growing the numbers that visit the country to sample its hospitality per year. China has the highest out-bound tourism market in the world and tops the list as equally the biggest spender, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) statistics. However, despite the cordial relations that Zimbabwe has with China under the Look East Policy, the country has not fully exploited the lucrative Chinese market. In an a press briefing at the close of the Sanganai Hlanganani World Tourism Expo, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority...

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Local authorities bemoan revenue prejudice

Local authorities say they have suffered revenue prejudice as other government departments which were only regulators are now collecting revenue and not ploughing back into service provision. Local authority representatives from Zvishavane Town Council and Runde Rural District Council said when organisations such as the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Environmental Management Agency (EMA), Ministry of Mines ad Mining Development and others collect revenues in their jurisdictions, consideration is not given to them as service providers. The authorities are proposing that a fund be set aside for them in the 2018 budget to make sure as providers of basic amenities,...

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VP Mnangagwa admits he was poisoned

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has admitted that he was poisoned, saying he survived because it was not yet God’s time. While he is on record of having clearly stated he never consumed any ice cream from the Gushungo Dairy, Cde Mnangagwa revisited his sickness story during a memorial service for the late national heroine, Cde Shuvai Mahofa where he told the gathering he indeed survived poisoning. Cde Mnangagwa missed Cde Mahofa’s burial in August as he was in South Africa receiving treatment following the sickness. The Vice President noted what happened to Cde Mahofa in 2015 in Victoria Falls...

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Govt’s stance on GMB rot hailed

The position taken by the government to curb the alleged rot at the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) provides a glimmer of hope to farmers who were losing out to unscrupulous merchants. A statement issued by cabinet has warned of punitive measures against of unlicensed grain merchants who were cashing in on farmers. Like previous marketing seasons, this year’s selling season was inundated with complaints by farmers of unfair business practices allegedly at the hands of some GMB officials with issues around moisture content taking centre stage. While this seemed to be a logical explanation given that the  2016-2017 rainfall...

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Bhozhongora’s radio exploits

Zimbabwe boasts of many talented and qualified men and women in the media industry but one self styled journalist popularly known as Bhozhongora is making record breaking exploits at the ZBC’s National FM radio station that has managed to boost the station’s listenership. Born Washington Marimira, the 42-year-old Bhozhongora is a vendor by profession who never contemplated that his rare gift of good interpersonal skills would transform his destiny for the better. His passion for ZBC’s National FM made him join the station’s listeners club in 1998. 19 years down the line, Bhozhongora has emerged as one of the force driving things behind the scenes at the ZBC radio station. In short he is now National FM’s celebrated bizarre news correspondent. A visit to his Mbare Musika vending site, saw Bhozhongora narrating how he has managed to come up with these life stories that are too often stranger than fiction. It has earned him a celebrity status and he now boasts of a large fan base that listens to his programme: ‘Bhozhongora Segment,’ which runs from Monday to Friday mornings on National FM. He contends that he is better suited to be in the office than some journalists who have found stories to elusive. A real challenge set there for many in the media industry but the moral lesson in Bhozhongora story is that journalism is no office business...

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$2m availed for Buhera’s Marovanyati dam

The government has released $2 million for the construction of Marovanyati dam in Buhera district. The construction stopped in 2014 and after the government availed the $2 million owed to Xiang Chiang, the contractor is now back on site, working round the clock to expedite the process. When the ZBC News visited the site, all the heavy machinery which had been grounded for more than two years were back at the site. Workers were busy transporting various construction material to the dam site, with the bulk of the workforce concentrating on the dam spill way. Chief Makumbe said the government should now focus on completing the project to ensure that the Buhera community derives the intended economic benefits. “Marovanyati dam is key in driving industrial growth and expansion of the district, and ensuring of food security,” Buhera West legislator, Cde Oliver Mandipaka. Other community leaders weighed in, saying the construction of Marovanyati dam had taken more than 17 years, highlighting that once completed, the dam will become the spring board for development in Buhera district. Once completed, Marovanyati Dam will create a green belt with 12 000 hectares of land earmarked for irrigation to end perennial food...

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