The government says it is concerned by violent protests perpetuated by opposition affiliated organisations.

In a statement, the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Dr Christopher Mushohwe said while the law allows public expression, the same law is against public violence and the disturbance of peace in the country.

Dr Mushohwe said those responsible for sponsoring demonstrations should ensure that authorised demonstrations keep within the confines of the law.

“In any event, the demonstrations must be well founded, something quite hard to understand in respect of the mayhem that was unleashed last week on society by opposition elements,”he said.

Dr Mushohwe said two days before, the government had announced measures to address the unwarranted price hikes and panic buying triggered by reckless communication on social media, but the opposition clearly had a pre-meditated plan to unleash violence.

The Minister added that he is concerned by injuries sustained by journalists, adding that journalists should be allowed to pursue their work peacefully.

He urged all media houses to ensure that their staff members dress in attire that is easy to identify when they are on duty.

Dr Mushowe who wished a speedy recovery to injured journalists, said his ministry will continue to liaise with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of journalists.