The government has wholly suspended duty on fertilised poultry eggs for hatchery for a six month period to rebuild the poultry sector following the adverse effects of the avian influenza.

The government is rebuilding the poultry sector following the adverse effects of the avian influenza between May and July that reduced production thereby threatening the sector with profitability challenges.

According to a statutory instrument 124 of 2017 published by the latest government gazette seen by the ZBC News today, six poultry companies have been removed from paying duty on imported fertilised eggs for hatchery.

The approved breeding firms are Irvine’s Zimbabwe, Supa Chicks, Chinyika Chicks, Dr Henn, Zim Avin and All Avian.

The directive which took effect from August 01 this year is also being made to sustain the requirements of the poultry sector while unlocking value in terms of the sector’s profitability.

The directive was also made after the realisation that poultry firms are reeling under the negative effects of the avian influenza which have led to shortages of table top eggs and chicks in the country.

The trend has resulted in pricing distortions whereby prices for eggs, chicks and chickens are now being sold at prices beyond the prevailing market rates by some unscrupulous traders.

The statutory instrument is being made following consultations involving the Treasury, poultry firms, retail outlets, banks, farming sector and economic decision makers among others.