The Zimbabwe seed sovereignty programme an initiative that is aimed at spearheading the revitalisation of traditional methods of small grains and other indigenous crop preservation to enhance food security this Saturday (yesterday) held the annual Organic and Natural Food Festival in the capital.

The world over a significant growth in demand for organic produce has been witnessed over the years as people are paying more attention to their food and are now mindful of how it is produced.

Zimbabwe’s best and tastiest organic and traditional foods, drinks and seeds were showcased this yesterday at the annual Organic and Natural Food Expo dubbed the “Good Food Festival” in Harare.

Coordinators of the Zimbabwe seed sovereignty programme that facilitated the event said there is need to encourage farmers to build community seed banks that are adaptable to particular environments in the face of climate change.

Quail bird and road runner meat and eggs, hanga, madora, zviyo, baobab powder, aloe vera oil and juice, free range chickens, sweet potatoes, turkey, legumes, vegetables and herbs were some of the produce that were on display.

Locals and foreigners who participated in the event applauded the festival that celebrates all that is nutritious and delicious about Zimbabwean food.

Organic foods are free of artificial food additives and are often processed with fewer artificial methods, materials and conditions, such as chemical ripening and genetically modified ingredients.