A 93 year old Mt Darwin granny has earned herself the nickname: ‘Mai Radio 2,’ because of gossiping and she has admitted she tops the Zimbabwean gossip charts.

Gogo Cecilia Magan’a is still going strong and does not need to go to the gym as household chores keep her strong all the time.

She spends most of her time at home with grand children and plays with them like they are of the same age.

Gogo Magan’a, popularly known as Mai Radio 2, the name for ZBC’s now Radio Zimbabwe, said although she knows little about the popular station, she admits she is a gossip activist.

Friends and relatives admitted that she is a sweet old granny and said if she is not doing household chores, she will be moving up and down doing what she knows best…gossiping.

A very glamorous lady, Gogo Magan’a always looks her best, and pictures of when she was younger show a beautiful and gentle lady with kind eyes.

Still strong, she says she can compete in a 100 metre race as she remains the lover of her grand children, their friends and to some extent their parent.

She is among other roles, a teacher and a loving Gogo.