Young women and girls  in the country’s high density suburbs are set to benefit from a media coding and advocacy literacy training by a local media advocacy agency.

Young women face specific challenges and are generally marginalised than their male counterparts across all indicators of youth development.

A local media advocacy organisation ‘Girls Speak Out’ is rolling out a 6 months media coding and advocacy training for girls between the ages of 14 and 24  in the country’s high density suburbs starting with the capital city Harare.

The initiative which kickstarts this September aims to train girls to be technologicall literate, a sought after STEM skill in today’s world while making them aware of the social challenges facing communities said Girls Speak Out programmes coordinator Anoziva Marindire.

In this modern world technological and digital awareness is imperative for any industry hence the need to equip young people for them to ignite social change in their communities.