Commitment and dedication to duty has made six women tractor drivers to be role models to others at a local tea estate in Chipinge.

After a visit to one of the tea company estates in Chipinge, one is bound to see six tractors being driven by women as they ferry tea, poles and do work that was previously known to be a preserve of their male counterparts.

Some of the women who now have between seven to eleven years of experience as tractor drivers believe that what men are able to do in terms of work, women can do also.

They say a number of myths peddled by the local community to discourage them from taking one of the leading responsibilities in the estate did not deter them from the previously male dominated responsibility.

The women said what was considered a taboo in the area should now inspire other women adding, they feel proud to erase societal misconceptions and stereotypes affecting women with some of them who are single parents saying they do their work diligently without any apologies.

The tea company is said to be on a shift from employing male drivers to more females as there is a general belief that they are reliable and hard working.