President Robert Mugabe has warned people to desist from the tendency of attributing every sickness to witchcraft, saying it is lack of ideological clarity.

Speaking at the National Heroes Acre during the burial of Ambuya Maud Muzenda and Cde George Rutanhire today, President Mugabe urged people to go for regular medical check-ups and stop believing in the mysterious world of witch-craft.

The President then saved time in his speech to blast the witchcraft mentality.

After chronicling the Muzenda history, Cde Mugabe adds: “Takange tisina vanegeda-geda, kwete zvatava kuona izvi. Vanoti vanoona varoyi, hanzi naPresident vava muroyi, nekwatabva kwose uku, vangani vandauraya? Kuti zvinobva kuMidlands here zvichienda kuMasvingo? Hatina huroyi muparty. Down with such witch-craft talk.”

Speaking on Cde Rutanhire’s role as an ideological guru, President Mugabe said it is unfortunate that some people lack ideological knowledge.

“When someone falls sick, you hear some people saying they have been bewitched. That’s lack of ideological knowledge. Mutungamiri akarwara anonzi aroiwa, ah, zvakatanga rinhi izvozvi? Diseases attack and these bodies are not ours,” said Cde Mugabe, adding that with new technology, people must go for regular medical check-ups.

The President also blasted corruption in the police force.

“The army is there to protect and not to harass the people, so is the police. Mapurisa ngavave mapurisa kwete zvetirikunzwa zvekuti murikumirira vanhu mumigwagwa muchivabhadharisa mari. Zvino kana mavakuuraya vanhu saka basa rechipurisa toti rava ripi? Kana muchida minda huyayi tikupeyi murime. Kana muchida kutanga mabhizimisi, even in the transport sector, batanai mutenge mabhazi enyu. Vanhu varikuchema nemi,” he said.

On the departed cadres, President Mugabe urged Zimbabweans to draw inspiration from the two luminaries of the liberation struggle.

 He assured the family of the late Cde Rutanhire that he will ensure that his works are carried forward, adding that Zanu-PF is a party of the people, which does not push individual agendas.

“Cde Rutanhire struggled with the bullet which he lived with. He was advised by doctors that he will live better off with the bullet in his left leg. He never laid back, he struggled to make Herbert Chitepo Ideological College move forward and thrived to teach young people the values of nationalism and patriotism,” he said, describing him a very respectful, committed and dedicated cadre.

On Ambuya Muzenda, Cde Mugabe said she remained committed to the party, adding that it was because of her conduct that he did not hesitate to appoint her to various posts in government.

“Young people should draw inspiration from the life Gogo Muzenda. At a tender age, she was left by her husband who was going to the struggle. It was not easy but she carried herself well……For the family left behind, stay united and be guided by principles you were taught by your parents. If you need help, don’t be shy to approach us. Don’t be shy to approach elders in the party,” said Cde Mugabe.

Cde Mugabe also spoke on the death of Dr Muzenda and Ambuya Muzenda’s daughter, saying: “I had never seen him (Dr Muzenda) shaken like he was at one point in Chimoio. His daughter, Theresa had perished during the bombing of the camp. He was so devastated. ”

Cde Rutanhire died of renal failure at Karanda Mission Hospital in Mt Darwin last Saturday, while Mbuya Muzenda died on Tuesday at the Avenues Clinic, in Harare.

The burial was attended by family members, friends, various dignitaries and top government officials, but Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa only attended the body viewing procession at Stodart Hall this morning.

Cde Mnangagwa has not been well of late and President Mugabe announced that “We were with him but he told us, he has not fully recovered and will not be able to come to the Heroes Acre.”

It was the second time that the country witnessed a double burial at the national shrine.

In April last year, national heroines; Cde Vivian Mwashita and Cde Fikile Victoria Chitepo were interred at the national shrine on the same day, at the same time.