Updates by:  Thembinkosi Mangena and Janet Munyaka


15:30 – President is done with his speech and it’s time for the burial of the two cadres. 

15:23 – President Mugabe says the army is there to protect and not to harass the people, so is the police. Blasting traffic police officers for corruption and harassing people on the roads, Cde Mugabe says: “Mapurisa ngavave mapurisa kwete zvetirikunzwa zvekuti murikumirira vanhu mumigwagwa muchivabhadharisa mari. Zvino kana mavakuuraya vanhu saka basa rechipurisa toti rava ripi? Kana muchida minda huyayi tikupeyi murime. Kana muchida kutanga mabhizimisi, even in the transport sector, batanai mutenge mabhazi enyu. To you also [ZDF Commander General Constantino] Chiwenga, clean your own dirty please but what I have said [about the police] is was has raised public outcry.”

15:18 – President Mugabe has assured the late Cde Rutanhire that he will ensure that his works are carried forward, adding that Zanu-PF is a party of the people, which does not push individual agendas.

15:14 – He implores schools to be proud of teaching Zimbabwean history than international history.

15:10 – President Mugabe says Cde Rutanhire struggled with the bullet which he lived with. “He was advised by doctors that he will live better off with the bullet in his left leg. He never laid back, he struggled to make Herbert Chitepo Ideological College move forward and thrived to teach young people the values of nationalism and patriotism.”

15:04 – Speaking on Cde Rutanhire’s role as an ideological guru, President Mugabe says it is unfortunate that some people lack ideological knowledge. He says when someone falls sick, you hear some people saying they have been bewitched. That’s lack of ideological knowledge. Mutungamiri akarwara anonzi aroiwa, ah, zvakatanga rinhi izvozvi? He adds that certain diseases attack and ‘the bodies are not ours,’ so with new technology, people must go for constant check-ups.

15:02 –  He describes Cde Rutanhire was a very respectful, committed and very dedicated cadre.

15:01 – President Mugabe now speaks about to Cde Rutanhire. He asks: “Young man, are you gone? Why? Why now?

14:54 – President Mugabe says Mai Muzenda remained committed to the party, adding that it was because of her conduct that he did not hesitate to appoint her to various posts in the government.

14:49 – Cde Mugabe urges young people to draw inspiration from the life Gogo Muzenda, saying:  “At a tender age, she was left by her husband who was going to the struggle. It was not easy but she carried herself well.”

14:41 – President Mugabe implores the Muzenda siblings to stay united and be guided by principles they were taught by the parents, adding that “If you need help, don’t be shy to approach us. Don’t be shy to approach elders in the party.”

14:34 – Cde Mugabe speaks on the death of Dr Muzenda and Ambuya Muzenda’s daughter, saying: “I had never seen him (dr Muzenda) shaken like he was at one point in Chimoio. His daughter, Theresa had perished during the bombing of the camp. He was so devastated. ”

14:31 –  “Well, Muzenda managed to do all what he was doing with us because, at home, he knew that Mai Maud Muzenda was taking care of children very well,” said Cde Mugabe.

14:27 – He says Amai Muzenda always stood by his husband, supporting him and the family when her husband was away either to organise the liberation war or in various prisons and detention camps.  

14:16 – President Mugabe also speaks on the unity and understanding that existed between him and the late Dr Mzee.

14:14 – After chronicling the Muzenda history, Cde Mugabe adds: “Takange tisina vanegeda-geda, kwete zvatava kuona izvi. Vanoti vanoona varoyi, hanzi naPresident vava muroyi, nekwatabva kwose uku, vangani vandauraya. Kuti zvinobva kuMidlands here zvichienda kuMasvingo? Hatina huroyi muparty. Down with such witch-craft talk.”

14:10 – He chronicles the early nationalist life of the late Vice President, Dr Simon Muzenda. 

14:02 – After all the salutations, President Mugabe describes Gogo Muzenda as the mother and Cde Rutanhire as the son. He adds that he knows a lot about the Muzenda family just as the Muzenda family knew about his family.

13:57 – Cde Mugabe says Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who has not been well of late, has taken a early break from the national shrine to have a rest. “We were with him but he told us, he has not fully recovered and will not be able to come to the Heroes Acre.” VP Mnangagwa attended the body viewing procession at Stodart Hall in Mbare earlier. 

13:55 – President Mugabe takes to the podium to address mourners.

13:48 – He says his father was dedicated to youth empowerment, and bemoans bickering and divisions rocking the revolutionary party saying they are a sign of lack of ideological clarity and consciousness in Zanu PF. He adds that his father deserved his appointment to be the Director of the Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology as it resonated well with his vision and wishes, which he carried until the time of his death.

13:41 – Born in 1981 after independence, Dr Musanhu, says he considers himself lucky to be born because his father is a survivor of the liberation struggle, who lived with a bullet till the time of his death.

13:39 – He narrates Cde Rutanhire’s history detailing the Commissariat work he did long before he joined the liberation struggle himself.

13:38 – Dr Musanhu thanks President Mugabe and the country’s leadership for the honour and recognition bestowed to Cde Rutanhire, which he says he deserved. 

13:37 – Dr Chombo invited Dr Zivanai Musanhu, the son of Cde Rutanhire, to give family remarks.

13:24 – The family representative describes Gogo Muzenda as a hard working mother, who would sew clothes for them.

13:21 – He says as a nurse, Gogo Muzenda had love for her profession, her patients and liberation war fighters, adding that she often implored her family to pray for them and would give food, clothes and any other assistance to the liberation war fighters.

13:20 – The Muzenda family representative, Mr Chikwereti Martin Muzenda takes to the podium to give family remarks. Giving the family background, he tells mourners that Gogo Muzenda had eight children of which two of them are now late.

13:08 – Before the prayer, Rev Choto praises the two departed cadres, saying Gogo Muzenda and Cde Rutanhire were driven by faith and managed to set Zimbabwe free together with others. “By faith, we are a people whose prayers are answered by God.”

13:04 – The Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Ignatius Chombo is the Director of Ceremony here, and he takes to the podium to invite a minister of religion, Reverend Brian Choto to lead the mourners in prayer.

13:03 – Reverend Paul Damasane recites a poem tribute to Gogo Muzenda and Cde Rutanhire for dedicating their lives to liberation of Zimbabwe. He says it is through the work of such selfless and dedicated cadres as Cdes Muzenda and Rutanhire that ‘we know peace today.’ He adds that if ever he was to be consulted over the death of people, he would would point at thieves and other criminals to go and not such selfless cadres.

13:00-  Father Emmanuel Riberio leads a Catholic ritual. 

12:43 –  President Mugabe arrives at the National Heroes Acre and the bodies of the heroine and hero are being carried to the front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

12:04 – We are now live on ZBC TV

11:50 –  The burial of Gogo Muzenda and Cde Rutanhire will be live on ZBC TV shortly, and remember that we are also streaming live on facebook, visit ZBC News Online.

11:33 – President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe paying their last respects to national heroine Gogo Muzenda and Cde Rutanhire

11:20 – President Robert Mugabe and the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe have arrived at Stodart Hall and will lead mourners in the body viewing procession.

10:54 –  Vice Presidents Phelekezela mphoko and Emmerson Mnangagwa arrive at Stodart Hall.


The two caskets now lying in state at Stodart Hall

10:04 – Dignitaries and cabinet ministers start arriving for the joint body viewing ceremony for Gogo Muzenda and Cde Rutanhire
09:51- Scenes at Stodart Hall in Mbare

09:40 – The body of national heroine, Gogo Maud Muzenda has arrived at Stodart Hall in Mbare accompanied by family members.

08:39 – Mbuya Muzenda:

  • Was wife of the late Vice President and national hero, Dr Simon Muzenda.
  • Age 88.
  • Died at the Avenues Clinic in Harare on Tuesday.
  • Survived by six children, 23 grand children and 15 great grand children.
08:35 – CDE Rutanhire:

  • Was Zanu PF Politburo member and the Director of the Hebert Chitepo School of Ideology.
  • Age 68.
  • Died of renal failure at Karanda Mission Hospital in Mt Darwin on Saturday.
  • A former member of parliament for Mt Darwin as early as 1985.
  • Was senior member of the ZANLA general staff and former Commissariat Director in both ZANLA and Zanu.
  • Many will remember the work that Cde Rutanhire did in burying many comrades as a member of the Fallen Heroes Trust.
  • Survived by 3 wives and 8 children.
08:30 – YESTERDAY – The Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province, Cde Miriam Chikukwa urged all Zimbabweans to come in their numbers for the twin burial of national heroine Cde Maud Muzenda and Cde George Rutanhire this Saturday (today) at the National Heroes Acre.

Cde Chikukwa said government has availed 30 buses to ferry people in Harare while 11 buses have been deployed to Masvingo, 6 to Midlands and 10 to Mashonaland Central. The rest of the provinces got one bus each.

Mbuya Muzenda died on Tuesday at the Avenues Clinic in the capital while Cde Rutanhire passed on last Saturday at Karanda Mission Hospital.

The two will be interred at the National Heroes Acre tomorrow.

08:29 –  It will be the second time that we are going to witness a double burial at the national shrine. In April last year, national heroines; Cde Vivian Mwashita and Cde Fikile Victoria Chitepo were interred at the national shrine on the same day, at the same time.

08:23 – Cde Rutanhire died of renal failure at Karanda Mission Hospital in Mt Darwin last Saturday, while Mbuya Muzenda died on Tuesday at the Avenues Clinic, in Harare.

08:22 –  DOUBLE BURIAL – The two are being buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare today.

08:21 – Today, once again, the nation bids farewell for two brave, selfless and illustrious liberators of Zimbabwe, one daughter of the soil who is the widow of the late Vice President Simon Vengai Muzenda, Maud (88), and the other, a son of the soil, Cde George Rutanhire (68).