More than 50 exhibitors participated at the Chitungwiza Business Expo held at the Town Centre.

The expo was meant to lure investors and business people alike and resuscitate business especially in the industrial area.

In a bid to resuscitate Chitungwiza industry and enhance service delivery, the Chitungwiza Municipality hosted a 3 day business expo that was meant to create a platform for interaction of the local authority and the business community.

Exhibitors at the expo applauded the initiative and said the expo created a platform for them to exhibit their products and interact with their customers.

Chitungwiza Municipality acting public relations officer, Aaron Mhonyera said the expo is expected to encourage appreciation of service delivery and attract investors to Chitungwiza.

The expo held at the Chitungwiza Town Centre also aims at reviving Chitungwiza Tilco Industry which comprises textile and food processing factories which were slowly coming to an extinct due to economic constrains.